Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Where has the time gone?

I think he looks a lot like his Mommy here!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The vicious cycle

It's strange for M to get sick. If what "they" say is true, he gets sick less often than I do because he was breast fed and I was not. I have no idea, but again, I digress. The problem with this is that when he gets sick, it is inevitable that I will get it eventually. So here I am, on cold number 2 in as many months.

But since A is getting my milk (in addition to spending all his days with me), it's now a waiting game to see how long it will take until he gets it. Last time I was sick, he was sick within three days, so my money is on Thursday this time around.

I sure hope I'm better before it hits. ;-/

The beauty of the internet

Actually I suppose it's more about digital cameras, but I digress. Picture People sent me the digital proofs of all our shots yesterday. I won't share them all here because I don't know who's looking and I don't want to post A's bare bum on the internet... I also don't want to ruin the surprise of what's coming soon to a mailbox near you. But anyway, here's another good one:


What a great morning we had today!! We went to swim class at the new time with a new teacher. He did GREAT!! I even got some SMILES!! WEEEEEE!! He cracked up when I "listened to the fishies" and even let me do the same to him.

Then I really pushed my luck and went to the grocery store. He was sleepy after swim class so I thought I'd risk it. I didn't have any milk defrosted so I didn't bring that with me but he still did GREAT. He woke up about 10 minutes into the trip and was quiet the whole time. He also gave me smiles in the checkout line.

YAY!! I think I've found the magic formula. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that it works next week too!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Nakee Baby

Another one of our shots from today...

I think this is Daddy's favorite of the ones he's seen. ;)

6 month pictures

I got a freebie for an 8x10 so I figured "free is for me!" and got his 6 month portraits done. I also ended up getting some Valentine's Day photo cards, which will probably be coming to a mailbox near you soon. It's a different picture than the one here. I call it "A's Harry Potter shot" because of the Harry Potter esque hair.

They took some incredibly cute shots, but at $18 a pose, ain't no way that was happening. I took a few on my cell phone of the images (sshhhh) but have yet to get them on the computer. Some of them were simple naked baby shots, which were very cute, but we can totally recreate them on our own for FREE. All it takes is a naked baby (got it) and a white sheet (easy to get it) and we're golden.

Eaten posts

I wrote this big long thing the other day, with a smorgasbord of what's been going on--the swim class that occurred without us making it in the pool, the beginnings of crawling, and some other stuff--but it didn't load and I can't remember what I wrote.

So, in short:

Thursday we went to swim class. The babe was apparently tired since he started sucking his thumb (our clue that it's naptime). He started crying as soon as I took off his clothes and pretty much didn't stop. I nursed him twice to no avail. The class began and he still didn't stop crying, so I started to dress him again and put him in his seat and he stopped.

I requested a different time slot in the hopes that it would work better for his nap schedule... our first time at the new time is tomorrow morning.

As far as crawling goes, we are making progress! He is doing great at lifting up his chest and sometimes even gets himself onto his knees. When we put A on his knees in the crawling position, he often screams, but it sometimes works and he can hold the position for a few seconds. He is also able to slide himself backward. I took some video of this, which I will upload some other time. I think he needs to hang out with Best Bud a little more (he's a crawling machine!) because A does a little bit better at it every time he sees him.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Thursday was a super busy day for us. First, I had to go to the gym to learn how to use their machines. This was at 10:30, so I had to wake A up from his nap to get there on time. He doesn't nap in the nursery. The orientation took longer than expected, so we had to run home quickly! I fed A, put him down for another nap, ate, got everything together, and then had to wake him again so we could be on time for SWIMMING!!

He did well in the class, up until the time I had to sit him on the edge of the pool. He started wailing and didn't stop until we were walking to the car (he loves the bouncing), at which point he conked out again.

Hopefully, the next class will go better since we won't have all that other stuff going on in the morning.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

I'm so excited for today!

We have a very busy day ahead of us. First, it was a new food--bananas! Later this morning, we have to go to the gym for me to do an assessment type thing. Then, A STARTS SWIMMING CLASS!! I'm so excited, although I'm also nervous. I hope it works out with timing and his schedule that he's not sleepy and he's not hungry when it's class time.


Ha, made you look. No, A isn't crawling yet. I think, though, that watching Best Bud do it so well has inspired him. He is getting good at lifting his chest off the ground and even starting to get his tummy up too. He is able to turn himself 90 degrees too.

We're still waiting for that elusive first tooth to make its appearance!!


We were very concerned about A becoming a thumb sucker. We have been giving him the pacifier whenever we can, except for nighttime. So, he sucks on his thumb when he's sleepy--this is the surefire way to know that it's naptime. I suppose it could be worse; he could use it all the time. The only trouble is that I have been woken around 11:30 the past two nights. I went in to find that his sleeve was covering his hand, and it was soaked as well. **SIGH**


Boy did A love him some bananas. I suppose it shouldn't be a surprise, considering our house nearly always has bananas since we love them so much. He liked them so much that he ate the entire container, including the added rice cereal. Plus, this was only an hour or so after a nursing!

I guess I need to go get some more bananas, or else we're not going to make it the required four days of a new food!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


It turns out, the problem with the peas was his cold. I tried mixing breast milk and rice cereal in with his peas and that was just fine. Then I took out the milk and that was fine too. So, he's had peas, applesauce, and green beans with much success.


I have changed quite a few diapers in my day. Apparently, though, none of the children in those diapers were yet eating solids. Ew; this might just be the grossest thing I've seen yet.


My vocal little boy has turned into a babbler. And a screetcher. His favorite is babababababa (raspberry) or bababababa SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEETCH!

I need to think of more nouns that start with B fast!

Friday, January 11, 2008


We had a playdate today. Best bud is crawling already! And pulling himself up to standing (just about). YIKES! I don't envy Best Bud's mom at all! Speaking of whom, A just LOVES Best Bud's mom... she can make him smile nearly every time. It's so cute!

I can't help but compare A and Best Bud. They're so close in age, Best Bud sets a good benchmark. They are about the same height, but Best Bud is definitely heavier--he's very solid. Their feet are about the same length, but Best Bud's hands and feet just look so much bigger.

Then there's Prom Date. She's so petite; her mom says she's smaller that some two month olds--at nearly 5 months! But, she holds her own against these two boys, as you can see on the shutterfly page. She's not quite able to hit them back (or pull their hair), but soon enough she will be!

I continue to be amazed that these three are on nearly the same schedule--they all wanted to eat at about the same times and they all wanted to nap at about the same times. Weird, but very cool for Mommy Socialization time!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I do not, for one minute, miss working. That said, I received an email today (well actually several days ago, but I just checked it) from a former student. She is now at Drexel University, and emailed me with an article in which she thought I'd be interested. She then went on to say that this must be why teachers love what they do--when their work has an impact and a student continues to think about what went on in the class.

Of course, the class in reference no longer exists in the school and has been replaced with more academic subjects, but what can you do.

What I'm worrying about this week

  1. Going organic. I read an article about it and have seen all the hype, so now I wonder if I should be feeding A organic foods. I asked M what he thought, and he said it's probably not super important for fruits and veggies, but that maybe we want to take a look at hormone free milk and meats.
  2. Cleaning greener. Our home is a huge energy waster, since it is a little bit older. Since this is so damaging to the environment, I'm trying to find ways to help the environment elsewhere.
  3. Lead paint. After the recent recalls, one really can't be sure of what's in paints. Of course, A is putting his mouth on EVERYTHING. In addition, the new pediatrician had something on the form about lead paint and older houses.... we have a mark on A's file because we live in an older home.
  4. The NH primaries. I was going back and forth between two candidates and then made my choice. Now it looks like I might not have that choice in November... time shall tell, though.
  5. Why won't this kid eat his peas?
  6. I'm worrying about F.
  7. I'm starting to worry about finding a new job for September.

We have a new pediatrician!

We chose our former ped based on a friend's recommendation. We liked her well enough when we met her late in the pregnancy, and so went with her.

Around the second time we met with her, I started telling M I was thinking of changing doctors. There wasn't anything tangible, but I was a little hesitant about some of her advice. I liked her a LOT, but as a doctor wasn't so sure. He suggested that we stick it out a little longer.

Then, a few things started to happen. First, at the 2 month appointment, we were scheduled for our next appointment... in December. I asked at that time, "Don't we get a 3 month appointment?" and I was told no. Fine, ok. So I came home and looked at the immunization schedule, and sure enough it said there should be a 3 month appointment. Fine, ok. I didn't call about it... my fault, I know. So, we go to our December appointment, and I was told that it was his 4 month appointment and that he'd be getting his 4 month shots. I asked when he'd be getting the listed 3 month shots. I was told that he was supposed to have a 3 month appointment and that I'd have to come in again in 2 weeks for his 4 month shots (she'd give the 3 month shots that day). Ok, a simple mix up.

Next, we went for A's 5 month appointment last week. He had a little sniffle. Despite having received shots in early December with a worse cold, I was told that he could not receive shots when he was sick. They treated that visit as a sick one. I had called the doctor a few days before to make sure it wasn't RSV, so knew it wasn't a cold about which I should be worried. I would have to come back in a week to get the 5 month shots and have him checked for his cold.

That was just the final straw. We have a new insurance plan, so I figured this was the perfect opportunity to switch (even though the old doctor accepts the new insurance). (In addition, the friend who recommended her is also switching, although that's neither here nor there).

So, I looked in the big book of providers and found the practice of the doctor who treated A in the hospital. We liked him a lot at that time, so I figured his practice would be a good one to check out. In addition, it's much closer to our home.

So, we met with the new doctor yesterday (not the one from the hospital, but a doctor in the same office.) He's youngish and talks fast. More importantly, when I asked about starting A in swimming lessons, he said "Absolutely do it." Then he told me about what he and his wife did with their kids, and then said that the AAP says to wait on this. A doctor who gives advice based on his own beliefs, not necessarily the recommendations of the AAP--exactly what I want. He also told me what his family did when it came to solids. Then he told me that at this age, A will be eating SHOES, so not to worry about what dirt and crud goes in his mouth... lol.

Finally, he said that in an emergency situation, he and one of the other doctors see patients in their homes. This seems to me the closest thing in our modern world to a house call, and far better than a trip to the ER for sure.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The grocery store.

We attempted a trip to the grocery store yesterday. With the Can Can sale, it was a big trip. I knew I wouldn't have room for everything with his carrier in the basket, so I figured we'd try our new shopping cart cover. I Also brought along my sling, just in case it didn't work.

I had a tough time figuring out the cover, and it took a really long time to put on the cart. This one has ties, which are kind of a pain. Anyway, I get it on and put him in and he was a happy little boy.

I've never been stopped so many times as I was yesterday about what a beautiful little boy, so alert, so good and quiet, and so bright! I think it had something to do with him being in the cart for all to see instead of in his carrier.

Then we hit the heart of Can Can--the canned veggies aisle--and it was time to go home. He started to cry so we finished that aisle and headed for check out. A does not like to wait in the check out line, I suppose, because he has screamed every time we are there. This make my least favorite part of grocery shopping (bagging) so much more stressful.

I really need to figure this one out better, somehow.


A has always been a vocal baby; not surprising, given his family. Anyway, we've noticed that recently, he sounds like he is talking... I believe he is learning the patterns of our speech and how our language sounds. This is so nifty to hear him starting to communicate in other ways!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Summer 2008

It's not uncommon for me to start dreaming of summer at this time of year. This year is a little different, though, and in a lot of ways. First, I have not been on a beach, with the exception of a quick trip in the FL Keys in January, since August 2006. That is a very long time for this "shorechick" to be away. It was just too much for my very swollen self while I was pregnant; especially when considering the pins and needles I had in my hands when I drove near the end.
Second, there are no vacations in sight for us for a very long time. The beach vacations of which I dreamed in past years are just that...dreams. Finally, summer of '08 will mean I'm getting ever so close to going back to work. In fact, if I find a supervisor's job, I will likely begin that in July.

Nonetheless, I'm summer dreaming already. I'm starting to think about A's first birthday party. I'm having visions of him toddling around (!!) and maybe even going on the boat. I'm hoping to go waterskiing and teaching M to do it too. And of course, I'm trying to figure out the logistics of taking myself, A, and all our crap to the beach. I hope he's better at finding sand crabs that I am, but I think his Grampy will be great at helping him find them!

Sitting in the tub!

So A can sit on his own now, and I thought we'd try the "toddler" side of his baby tub. It worked! He was sleepy, so he didn't have a GREAT time, but he sat all on his own. He's getting so so big.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

5 month picture!

Belated, I know. The series on the shutterfly page is pretty funny. He was very interested in the sheet of paper, and it's hard to tell how tall he is in comparison to Blue Fish, since he is sitting rather than leaning!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Goodbye, Jack.

Jack has passed away. Please offer prayers for this sweet little boy.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Bad Mommy Chronicles, v 4?

As mentioned below, A has a cold. As I gave him his bath, I got the bright idea of running the hot water to make some steam for him to breathe in. Then I realized how much water I was wasting by running the spigot and so turned on the shower....the shower was pointed right at my naked sick baby. He screamed, I screamed, M came running in. He was fine, probably more startled than anything, and didn't even have any redness.

Happy New Year!

A did well last night--we had some friends over to celebrate the new year in a super low key, brand new parents (well, at least for us) way. He was fighting a cold but still tolerated being held by someone other than his mommy or daddy.

Proof positive that there is a power in children...he's fascinated by them!

As I said, he is still fighting a cold. This one is mostly in his chest, but he's starting to develop a runny nose. Since best bud was diagnosed with a mild case of RSV (Click here if you want to know what it is), and A stayed there a few days ago, I made my first call to the pediatrician. On New Year's Day, she called back within an hour, which is reassuring! M answered the phone, and she just advised us to give him lots of steam to try to clear up his congestion.

The poor boy, though... he has been sleeping SO MUCH the past few days; it's just unbelievable. For example, this evening he napped from 7-8. At 8, we got him out of bed and brought him downstairs while I finished a show. Then, just a few minutes later, we took him up, gave him his bath and did the bedtime routine. He went to sleep very quickly, only half an hour after waking.