Saturday, January 19, 2008


Thursday was a super busy day for us. First, I had to go to the gym to learn how to use their machines. This was at 10:30, so I had to wake A up from his nap to get there on time. He doesn't nap in the nursery. The orientation took longer than expected, so we had to run home quickly! I fed A, put him down for another nap, ate, got everything together, and then had to wake him again so we could be on time for SWIMMING!!

He did well in the class, up until the time I had to sit him on the edge of the pool. He started wailing and didn't stop until we were walking to the car (he loves the bouncing), at which point he conked out again.

Hopefully, the next class will go better since we won't have all that other stuff going on in the morning.


whitelabelady said...

Sweetie with all this worrying, you'll end up like KAY. Relax and enjoy your time with A.