Tuesday, September 16, 2008


YAHOOO, there were no tears when I dropped A off at daycare this morning! We went around, putting his breakfast in the fridge and writing a note to his teacher. Then I put him up to the table there... a little girl was eating her cereal, but on there were also Cheerios and Goldfish. As anyone who's ever babysat A knows, he soothes himself with food. So, he didn't cry at all when I put him down, and he also didn't cry when I looked over my shoulder and happened to catch his eye.

As for me, it's Back to School Night tonight. Joy of Joys. I can appreciate that the parents want to see our faces, but goodness, it's such a long day and tomorrow's going to require a trip to Dunkin. Or maybe even to evil Starbucks for some extra caffeination. Despite meeting her several times, I want to go to Back to School Night at daycare... that's right, BTS Night at DAYCARE. See here for other ways daycare is trying to prepare us for real school. Too bad, though, cause I'll be celebrating my 21st birthday that night.


--sme said...

Wait, wait, wait. I thought it was your "29th" birthday. Have you found the Fountain of Youth? Please share. A will tell you that sharing is nice. ;)