Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Picture Roundup

I haven't been sitting here at my desktop computer in several weeks!! As a result, lots of pictures have been languishing on my camera's picture card... here's what's been taken in the last few weeks!

A very sleepy boy, pre haircut! October 25

Coloring! October 25

October 26

He loves to ride this horse, seeks it out, and giggles while he rocks. I think this was the day of his haircut... October 26

Standing on his own, October 27

Humoring Mommy? October 29

Mischief!! October 29

October 29

Teeth hurt? Check on something squishy--like a Tylenol bottle. November 2

We bought this for messages. It's taken on new purpose for our budding artist. November 8

Enjoying some pastina... all over his face. November 19

Not sure how THIS happened, but it cracks me up!


--sme said...

That last one is priceless (and the overly-excited one of you isn't bad either!)