Monday, March 30, 2009

Never again

This... the Devil.
Or maybe this is a better visual:

Citing A's love for "Choo Choos," I wandered to the Thomas the Tank Engine aisle on our trip to Target yesterday. I found one that was reasonably priced (seriously, $20 for a freaking plastic train?), and also had a button and made noise. Score! It was James the Tank Engine.

A loved it.

So much so that he napped with it.

And ate with it.

And pretty much everything'd all day with it.

Luckily, it was not a bath night.

Then, it came to be time for bed. Mommy and Daddy would not let A hold his train for bed. Alas, Mommy and Daddy are stupid. Our son usually falls asleep within 5 minutes of my leaving the room; last night, he screamed and called "Daddy Daddy" for at least half an hour (Daddy was the responsible party who removed the train).

He also woke up crying this morning, which is unusual. Dunno if he remembered the horror of losing his train the night before, if he knew he was upset about SOMETHING, or if he just had a rough start to his week.

This kid gets no more toys!!! Ha, and we thought we were doing a good thing... silly us.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


I showed A how to give Mitten a treat, and now it's one of his favorite things to do. At first, he wouldn't give it up to her, but he's quickly figured it out.

Of course, all cats are called "Catcher," so he calls for him, he comes over, and he runs away when A offers the treat. Silly kitty.


When asked "what sound does a ________ make?" A inevitably answers "Moo." He has, however, started to roar when we ask this question; typically this is the sound he makes when he sees a doggie.

We were driving to Bepah's house last night, and after I accelerated, A started roaring, just like the car did.

He also makes a beep beep noise after hearing a truck back up.

Sometimes, he hears the growl of trucks on the busy road near our home and starts calling for the Choo Choo.

More to the word list

Get down
Milk (but only Mommy and Daddy could tell when he's saying sounds a lot like "more")
Coat (which he can also almost get off)

We finally found that PBS doesn't show kids programming anymore; instead there is a PBS Kids channel. We were watching Sesame Street, and A correctly identified both Cookie and Elmo. He was FASCINATED seeing Elmo on TV.

We've also been watching Disney Channel occasionally, especially when Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is on. He can identify Mickey on his diapers too.

A new generation of Mom Mom

We went to see Mom Mom last weekend. A had a great time, saying Mom Mom, Mom Mom... ever since, however, when we ask him to say Grammi or any time we say Grammi, A says Mom Mom. Dunno what's gonna happen with that one!!

Doctor's Appointment

A went to the doctor on Tuesday. He weighs 28 pounds (we can't believe it; he feels so heavy!) and is 32 inches long. That's 75% for weight and only 25% for height!

The doctor asked how many words, and we said about 40... doc said they're looking for about 10 words at his age. Woo!

He said we're doing a great job and to keep up the good work.

Oh, and on the way there, we told A he was going to see the doctor. He repeated it nearly perfectly!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pooped out little Pooper

We went to visit H's brand new sister J today. It was so much fun meeting her but also seeing them all.

On the drive home, A very quickly fell asleep. I stopped for gas, and snapped this on the phone.
Angelic! :)

First Day of Spring

So, despite yesterday's snowy start, it was the first day of spring. As the first day of spring, it was also the day that Rita's is free! This was the first time I ever went to free Rita's day, and we took A along for the ride.

We ordered... A got Alex's Lemonade flavor, for obvious reasons.

He was very interested in trying it.

And didn't like the lemon flavor...

He liked the idea, just not the lemon. He kept asking for more!

Happy Spring!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

This week in history

From March 19, 2008, our home grown photo shoot for Easter.

And for reference, same ears...

Monday, March 16, 2009

My poor kid

The stomach flu has hit the house in a big way. The poor little boy was sick all day Saturday, but was much better yesterday. I got the call, however, at lunchtime that he needed to go home.

It also hit the big boy hard, and he stayed home today, so it worked out pretty well... they are home miserable together.


Thursday, March 12, 2009


Here's the link to all the photos!

Easter Pictures

We took A to Picture People today. What a difference a few months makes; he was so well behaved and totally into the photographer, even letting her grab his legs. I figure daycare has gotten him used to other people. We were really sad we don't have money to throw around like crazy because they brought out this 5 frame extravaganza, with a beautiful frame and mat, with all the pictures we love the best, but it cost $150. Paying $4 (after coupons, discounts, and what remained of our "membership"), so worth it for these three pictures.

I will add the link to the rest of the gallery when I get it.

Oh! And one of the pictures (not one of these, ironically, or even the one the photographer said was her favorite) is going up on the wall at Picture People! Wheee; my boy is going to be famous! We will have to go back soon to see it on the wall!

Monday, March 9, 2009


some pictures from throughout March. I can't control the order in which they upload, sooo... They're basically in reverse chronological order.

This was this afternoon, playing in the ballpit.

With the return of nice weather, we busted out A's birthday present of the Cozy Coupe! From the second he saw it, he was enthralled and got into it before it was fully assembled. We got it finished yesterday, and he had a BLAST! He even was calling to it as we walked past going to the car this morning. Thanks to H and L for a great present!

I LOOVE this shot....

This should actually be the last picture, but these things go all wonky... it's from March 3, I believe.

Turning the wheel brought MANY giggles.

And then he kissed me...

So, we've been getting hugs and kisses from The Boy a lot lately. In the past few days, he's been adding a "Mwah!" as he does it. So cute.
Today, I asked for a kiss, and his little Lego guy (we call him "Dude") gave me a "Mwah!" OMGSOCUTE!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Thank you
Choo Choo
Cheese (when taking pictures too!)
Tractor (but only Mommy and Daddy can recognize it)
Kitty (interchangeable for Mitten)
Mom Mom
Hi, Doggie
He also adds "a" in front of things, so "A doggie."


I discovered another tooth as I brushed A's teeth this morning. This one is on the top right (his right), and again, I'm not sure if it's a molar or something else since there aren't any teeth in between!

You leave the Pennsylvania Station 'bout a quarter to four

...Read a magazine and then you're in Baltimore...

M, A, and I met up with a friend for dinner last night. The restaurant happens to be right near the train tracks of the Northeast Corridor line, so as you might imagine, their decor had a lot to do with trains.

As we were getting out of the car, a NJ Transit train went whizzing by, and I pointed it out to A. Not only was he FASCINATED to see it, but he also immediately identified it as a "Choo Choo." And then that was all he could say. We got to the front of the restaurant, and they had a metal engine, which he also identified as a choo choo. We got inside and took our seats. All was good. THEN, a train went around the restaurant up top. Oh my goodness, was this kid excited. "Choo Choo! Choo Choo!" And he kept looking up for it, and pointing to the "Choo Choo!" Then, another Transit train went by the window, and it was all over. No more sitting nicely in his chair for A; he ran over the window (luckily, we were sitting near an alcove with a large window and no one else was in that area) and just watched and watched. He pointed out the "Doggies!" who walked by, the trains, and the people.

It was so much fun!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Splish splash

When A was a baby, I don't remember what I was talking to Grammi about, but she told me that soon enough, A would enjoy his baths and be "splashin' and having a great time."


A loves his duckies... especially this one (Donald as a Pirate)

He also loves to squish the nose in on his penguin.

And this makes me laugh... look at all those teeth!

This picture seals it... there is no doubt that this is my child.

The eye of the storm?

The eye continues...

Oh no!

The splashing got crazy, Mommy got wet, the bathroom got wet, but we had so much fun!!

My favorite thing right now

I've been inspired by reading Babies Online's recent post. My favorite thing about A right now? Well, there are tons and tons of wonderful things, but I absolutely love that he gives hugs and kisses when we ask for them. I'm also going to give a honorable mention to the leaps and bounds by which his vocabulary is growing--he amazes me daily with what he comes up with as well as the ways he communicates.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


My little guy has a favorite fruit. He sees bananas and starts asking for them. Nana, Nana, Nana. He's only allowed one a day, though. We are keeping BJs in business with our banana purchases alone (since they have the best price around)... we bought two bunches on our last trip.

He also loves grapes... he sees some and will start begging for them.

Nahh, he doesn't have a sweet tooth.

I took some fun pictures and video of A tonight at bathtime. The video is hilarious, but shows my little boy's, um, stuff, so I probably won't be putting it up here.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Vintage Monday

Way back Whensday, Vintage Monday... whenever I remember day..

Here's A visiting the Easter Bunny on March 6, 2008!


A is not so sure about this. Like his hand-me-down snow suit?

Mama added produce bags to make boots.

M loves his 40 year old snow blower.

"Look at this! Yes! Heh, heh. Combination hookah and coffee maker, also makes Julienne fries. Will not break! "

A asked (in his grunty way) to help shovel. He got really frustrated, though, because his thumbs didn't fit into the thumb slot in his mittens, so he really couldn't hold on very well.