Wednesday, August 25, 2010


E had his four month well visit yesterday. It turns out, he's a little peanut. He's dropped from the 25th percentile at 2 months to the 5th percentile at 4 months for both height and weight. The doctor is a little concerned, but suspects starting solids will change that.

I tried to take his four month picture this morning (it got lost in the shuffle of leaving for Pittsburgh on his actual four month iversary), but he wasn't in the mood.

At four months, E:
  • LOVES Mommy
  • Is amazed by A
  • Smiles so much, he's earned the name of Smiley ER
  • Does a great job of holding up his head
  • Sucks on his middle and ring finger, usually on the left hand
  • Really likes the Intellitainer
  • Loves to be held, walked, and to see the outside
  • Is starting to chew on fingers as well as suck on them
  • Refuses a pacifier
As far as sleeping goes, he is almost to the 6 hour stretch mark. Last night, he went to sleep around 7:30 and slept until after 1am, woke again sometime after 4, then woke for the morning sometime around 7:30. Not bad.