Monday, November 29, 2010

My hubby is awesome

I've always thought that my husband is awesome, but it really hit me the other day, when he forgot to do something.

That's right, he forgot to do something.  I forget what we were talking about, but he told me he changed a diaper and that he forgot to empty the poop.  Let me back up and give you some back story.

First, when using cloth diapers, you shake the poop into the toilet (as an aside, the cloth diaper mommas say you're supposed to do this with disposables too, which makes sense when you consider it rains on trash dumps, and the rain spreads diseases, etc, but they also say even the disposable packages say to do it, but I've yet to find a package that does) once the baby has started solids.

Second, M was not on board with cloth diapering at the beginning.  He reluctantly said to give it a try, but that he wasn't shaking poop. 

Well, now he shakes poop. 

As another aside, this was my fear as we started our cloth diapering experience, and though we haven't started meats yet, it isn't so very bad.  It's way less gross than when A had accidents during potty training.