Tuesday, March 13, 2012


A keeps getting bigger.  Of course, you say, that's what they do.  But you know what it's like when you haven't seen a kid in a long time and it seems that they've grown inches?  What happens when it's your own kid and it seems that he's grown inches and you just saw him yesterday?

I noticed the other day that A's whole head is above the kitchen counter.  He no longer fits into 4T shirts simply because they aren't long enough to cover his belly.

Look, E's shirt is too short too!

Pants don't seem to be a problem, however, but the shirts are quickly being retired.


March 13, 2012

Today was another gorgeous day, so I decided to put E in a sweatshirt instead of his coat.  I showed him his Mickey and his froggy shirts and asked him to pick.  He didn't, so I put on the froggy, thinking front zip means easier on/off.  Easier on/off indeed; he took the froggy sweatshirt off and brought the Mickey one to me and he told me to put it on him.

He then went back to the froggy sweatshirt, handed it to me, and as far as I could tell, wanted me to put it on myself.

This weekend, I pulled out a LOT of bins of clothes in 24 months and 2T.  Alas, we need ALL these clothes since the weather will probably get cold again and I don't really know how long we'll get out of the 24 month stuff.  It's so sweet to see so many things again, though it feels like I just put this 2T stuff away!!

This one was undated, but I'd guess A was 2 here.