Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back to School

 Like so many other kids across the state, today was A's first day of school!

Backing up a day, though, yesterday was E's first day of school!

I was super nervous, since this was his first time in a new school but also because it was his first time being in school without A.  I was nervous for pretty much no reason!  He gets dropped off in a multipurpose room and has a blast playing with the toys for a few minutes with A while I drop off his things and then does his thing after we leave.

A went back to his old daycare center and had a good time being the big guy there.

Today, we dropped off E at his school successfully and then headed over to A's friend's house.  For some strange reason, the elementary school doesn't have before care for the first week of school and we had to find alternate arrangements.  It seems to have worked really well; A went to school with his buddy and they transitioned easily.

Showing off his mohawk.

Showing off his rocket booster shirt.

Thumbs up for Kindergarten!
Since A did thumbs up, E had to do something too.

My budding shutterbug had to take my picture.

We usually have a hard time getting out of A what he did during the day.  On the drive home, though, I asked all kinds of questions and found out that:

  • he sat on chairs and on the floor.
  • his teacher read a story, something about "I'm ready to be in kindergarten"
  • the classroom isn't very colorful, but the alphabet is across the top of the wall with animals that go along with the letters.
  • he only remembered one kid's name
  • he met the principal, but doesn't remember her name
  • he went to the gym and has 2 male gym teachers
  • he practiced fire drills (which was good because there was a real fire alarm with real firetrucks!)
  • he saw his buddy in the hall and gave him a high five
  • his buddy has a booster seat without a back
  • he ate his lunch but didn't drink his water (it was in his backpack so he didn't realize to take it to the cafeteria)
  • he ate lunch in the cafeteria
It was a great day for him, and he had a lot of fun!