Monday, April 30, 2012

They tell me I'll forget the details

I've heard so many times to record every little funny thing about my kids growing up.  Here's one I want to remember...

When it comes to first sentences, E was super sweet.  His first sentence was, "Thank you, Mommy."  Or maybe it was "I love you, Mommy."  Oh crud, I've forgotten the detail already...  at any rate, it was super sweet!

Friday, April 13, 2012


A month since I've posted here.  Yikes indeed.


As E is about to turn an unbelievable TWO YEARS OLD, he's:

  • Unbelievably stubborn.  Like, "maybe we need to have his hearing checked" stubborn.
  • Unbelievably sweet.  This kid loves to cuddle and snuggle and hug and kiss.  He loves to say "I love you too," even if you haven't said I love you first.
  • Polite.  He says thank you without prompting (usually)
  • A biter.  He is highly likely to bite his brother when A has something E perceives to be his.  
  • A screamer.  He has finally gotten beyond screaming when he wakes up (never having cooed or babbled; he now yells for Daddy.)  If he's not getting his way, he screams.  
  • infatuated with Daddy.  Daddy is most assuredly his hero.  (He does love Mommy; I'm just not the first person he seeks)
  • A big fan of trucks.  
  • got a lot of words, though it's more repetition of the sound than speaking the word...  he definitely has some words going on too!

This week, M and I have been off for spring break.  This has resulted in some of us sleeping a little bit later and the boys' morning routine being off a little bit.  Because they've been eating breakfast at home (which they do not do when I'm heading to work), they've been getting to school about 40 minutes later than when I'm working.  This hasn't been a problem for A, but E has had some troubles because by that point, his class has moved to a different room.  He has shown me that he absolutely wants to play in the drop off room for a while!  This might have been the first time he's cried for me at drop off, and he even wants me to pick him up and hold him.

E has taken a liking to saying "wheeeeee" when we go around turns in the car.

Our bedtime routine has changed a bit, now that E wants to go into A's room for story.  The problem is, though, finding a story that will appeal to both boys.  Since most nights we read one of A's books, E gets bored and starts jumping on the bed.  The other night, I took him into his room to read a story and let him choose the book.  He happily picked a book that let him touch as well as listen to the story.  He loves those darn books!

I am afraid of the level of E's tantrums.  Not that they're scary or anything, but rather that his temper flares have started much earlier are much more frequent and last much longer than I recall having happened with A at 2.  I also worry that he'll get away with much more than his brother did now that Mom and Dad are much more busy than they were then!

This kid amazes me every day.  The amount of love he wants from us, the snuggles and cuddles and hugs and kisses have rightly earned him the nickname of "Sweetie."