Thursday, March 7, 2013


This weekend, old friends came over to hang out with the boys.  They asked A what he likes to do.  A swimmer, our friend asked him how he likes swimming, and he replied that he likes it a lot.  I was flabbergasted, but he really is starting to come around to it.  He does not jump into the pool still, but as he gets better and stronger with the actual swimming, he seems to enjoy it more.

He loves baseball, though.  I can't even explain how I know that, but I'm certain he does.  It's something he just gravitates to and enjoys.

But I was shocked when we were discussing his sports selections for the spring.  He's already registered for baseball, so there wasn't a question there, but he was adamant that he wants to play basketball.  I'm pretty sure this comes from outside forces; his teacher coaches basketball and one of his friends apparently "loooooves basketball!  And football!"  Poor kid, though, the basketball class does not work well with our family's schedule, so maybe next time kid.

When offered his choices, E chose yoga.  Again, I was shocked.  This would be his first alone without a parent class, and M and I are not sure how it will go.  I believe this was A's first alone without a parent class (there are really few of these, for the kids of working parents at least, for three year olds) and it did not go well.

Next session, he will be going into a without Mom class in the pool as well.  Although it's technically a 4-5 year old class, his current teacher is willing to take him in her class since he's doing so well.  Last week, she took him away from me to see how he would do.  He did OK, but was having a rough day of not feeling so well.  Even with me, he did not really participate in the class, so I was pretty surprised he went with her at all.