Monday, November 29, 2010

My hubby is awesome

I've always thought that my husband is awesome, but it really hit me the other day, when he forgot to do something.

That's right, he forgot to do something.  I forget what we were talking about, but he told me he changed a diaper and that he forgot to empty the poop.  Let me back up and give you some back story.

First, when using cloth diapers, you shake the poop into the toilet (as an aside, the cloth diaper mommas say you're supposed to do this with disposables too, which makes sense when you consider it rains on trash dumps, and the rain spreads diseases, etc, but they also say even the disposable packages say to do it, but I've yet to find a package that does) once the baby has started solids.

Second, M was not on board with cloth diapering at the beginning.  He reluctantly said to give it a try, but that he wasn't shaking poop. 

Well, now he shakes poop. 

As another aside, this was my fear as we started our cloth diapering experience, and though we haven't started meats yet, it isn't so very bad.  It's way less gross than when A had accidents during potty training.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


We've heard from so many people that the Terrible Twos is really untrue; it's three that's the worrisome age.

Whoo boy were they right.

A is so sweet, so loving, such an incredible good brother, so helpful.
And then he's not.  He somehow has stopped listening (sometimes), and his often uttered, "Don't talk to me," "You're not my friend," and "I wasn't talking to you" make me want to throw a tantrum of my own.  Also infuriating?  "I don't WANT to," "I can't do it (as in I can't walk, I can't put on my socks, etc.)

Today, we went to swimming class, and M made a comment that he was surprised I started getting ready so early, then said he understood why. 

But nonetheless, this kid is so loveable.  He's taken my "I eat your face" to new levels, and he bites us with no teeth.  Adorable.  We love singing silly songs, and I try to use his silliness to an advantage as we are trying to get out of the house in the morning.  Sometimes it works; sometimes it just slows us down further.  I so so so love hugs and kisses and cuddles every night at bedtime.  Yesterday, we all slept in a bit (!!) and A came into our room, wanting to cuddle.  Aww!

This all frightens me as we head into all Mommy, all the time season.....

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Toofer #2

E's second tooth has sprouted!  Can't feel it, but it can definitely be seen!
He's chomping on everything--my attempts to give him water in a sippy have been met with him chewing on the spout.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

We have a tooth!

So much has been happening around here, I just haven't posted about it all!
E started babbling sometime last week, and I just love it.  He favors the "duh duh duh" sound, which, of course, thrills Daddy endlessly.
Today we discovered his first tooth!!  Waaay earlier than his brother's first tooth.
He's been fighting off a cold (and losing) for almost 2 weeks now, and it really interrupted his sleep.  We were at the point that he only woke once in the night but this cold/teething threw that all off.  But his current sleep schedule is pretty manageable too, and this is with the recent turning back of the clocks.
Asleep by 7ish
Wake up for a feeding around 2
Wake up for a feeding/diaper change around 5
Up for the day around 7
Nap from 9-10:30
Nap from 1-3

And while things are not nearly as exciting in the world of A, this kid is growing.  It's very noticeable that all of the sudden, he's much taller.  His speech has gotten so much more clear, and he just comes out with the funniest things (like his dead ringer of M saying, "You can see just fine" because A always says he can't see if the light isn't on, regardless of how much light is coming in from elsewhere).  The other day, he said he wanted his hair like a boy at school (who has a mohawk) so, despite months and months and months of him CRYING and SCREAMING when he even THOUGHT we were spiking his hair, he asked for spikey hair last night.  So, spikey hair he got.

He also went to school this way today (with gel in his hair, no less... my kid wears products at THREE!), though we had some troubles in communication when he said he wanted his hair like the boy at school, but I couldn't figure out what he meant (I believe he wanted the red hair dye the boy had used for Halloween)--we got it acceptable to A anyway.

This weekend, we went to Delaware for homecoming.  A came home going on and on about the marchers, though he didn't actually get to see the band perform.  The game was at 3 this year, which meant the boys didn't take afternoon naps.  A had a meltdown right around halftime, so the boys also didn't see Mommy play in the band or see postgame either.  Next year will be better for everyone, I'm sure. 

This year, A has really taken to the mascots.  He was ALL about YouDee and Baby Blue this year, and even wanted to go say hi to the Chick Fil A cow that was walking around.  In fact, he was sleeping on M when YouDee came RIGHT NEXT TO US and M said to me, "he's going to be so upset that he's asleep and YouDee came right next to us!"  A woke right up, and this was the best picture I could get:

So, A came home from Delaware with a YouDee doll and a hat (that matches his YouDee tshirt).  He kept asking me to sing the Delaware songs.  M is convinced A is going to Delaware.