Sunday, November 21, 2010


We've heard from so many people that the Terrible Twos is really untrue; it's three that's the worrisome age.

Whoo boy were they right.

A is so sweet, so loving, such an incredible good brother, so helpful.
And then he's not.  He somehow has stopped listening (sometimes), and his often uttered, "Don't talk to me," "You're not my friend," and "I wasn't talking to you" make me want to throw a tantrum of my own.  Also infuriating?  "I don't WANT to," "I can't do it (as in I can't walk, I can't put on my socks, etc.)

Today, we went to swimming class, and M made a comment that he was surprised I started getting ready so early, then said he understood why. 

But nonetheless, this kid is so loveable.  He's taken my "I eat your face" to new levels, and he bites us with no teeth.  Adorable.  We love singing silly songs, and I try to use his silliness to an advantage as we are trying to get out of the house in the morning.  Sometimes it works; sometimes it just slows us down further.  I so so so love hugs and kisses and cuddles every night at bedtime.  Yesterday, we all slept in a bit (!!) and A came into our room, wanting to cuddle.  Aww!

This all frightens me as we head into all Mommy, all the time season.....