Sunday, April 26, 2009

This is great!

Watch this video! Not only is it adorable, but it's super cool!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


He can say his name. His name? Is Allie.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cool dude, and other random pictures

I haven't uploaded pictures from my little camera in quite some time. Here ya go...

A found himself a nice little hat. March 17.

A visit to Mom Mom's house. March 22.
He fed her Goldfish.

Everybody loves Daddy.

Peekaboo with Daddy!

We found this at a craft fair, and thought it incredible. It's a mat, a blanket, and a pillow all in one. Some might be reminded of a picture of a certain someone, who made herself (and her doll) a bed and pillow out of plastic bags. I know I am, and I'll have to find that picture.

March 23.

Reading the Elmo book with Daddy. March 29.

Cool dude, his shades, and his car. March 31.

At the park with Mommy.

Swings are so much fun!

A serious Bunny.

Attack of Rusty! Visiting Aunt Jen and Uncle Tim. April 5.

Bike seat and helmet, circa 2008

May 21, 2008

Oh, how I love a beautiful day!

Yesterday, my car thermostat said it was above 80. Wooo, is Mommy a happy girl. Anyway, we had a fun filled day, with most of it spent outdoors. We ate lunch outside, played frisbee and football, went for a bike ride, and visited a new park. So much fun!

Of course, Mommy brought along a camera.

Playing with the water table... we could not break him away from this for a LONG time!

And, our first bike ride of the season! What a difference a year makes... (reference picture in a minute). He actually fell asleep in there, and was resting the helmet on the bar. Then, when it was time to go in the house, he REFUSED to let us raise the bar. Too funny.

The new to us park was Duke Island Park in Bridgewater. I had heard of it because of the Stroller Strides group I got email from used to meet there, but I could never make it. Anyway, it was a really cool park! It has all kinds of picnic areas, a long walking trail along the Raritan River (we joked that we should tube from there to home), people were fishing in the river, and of course, a big playground. The playground was particularly cool because it had a little kids side (with smaller slides, bucket swings, etc) and a bigger kids side.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Vintage Monday

On April 10 last year, we went to Rutgers Gardens with Best Bud and his mom. We haven't ventured there yet because, not only have I been working, but it's also been way too unpredictable with the weather. Hopefully soon it will be nice enough for a trip over there!

How big both boys have gotten in a year!

Easter Day

For Easter, we went to Grampy and Grammi's house, with Bepah along for the ride, and Mom Mom was there too. I somehow managed to get no shots whatsoever of Mom Mom AND no shots of A hunting for eggs, but we had a lot of fun!

Grammi has the best snacks.

Olivia wants snacks too!

Grampy (whose name has also become Bepah) brings out the toys!

Ride on toys are fun, but ya gotta bring a truck along for good measure.

Yay for ride on toys!

Wait, something even better than a ride on toy is a ride on Daddy!

Notice how perfectly they match? M said he didn't even realize.

Three generations.

Happy birthday to Daddy!!

Easter Basket

Yeah, so I didn't think an actual basket made much sense this year, so it all went on the table. A actually had been playing with his train for quite some time (see post below), but it was an Easter gift, so he "got it" yesterday.

When he hung out with Best Bud around XMas time, he was enthralled by Elmo Live... when it finally went on sale, I snagged it for his Easter basket. But when he got his own Elmo Live, he was not only not interested, but somewhat scared of the darn thing.

A trip to the park

A loves to climb the steps.

He wouldn't go down the slide alone... at first.

And then he did.

Mommy had fun with her camera's burst setting.

Yep, the first ice cream man treat of the year, and A had to taste it.