Sunday, April 19, 2009

Oh, how I love a beautiful day!

Yesterday, my car thermostat said it was above 80. Wooo, is Mommy a happy girl. Anyway, we had a fun filled day, with most of it spent outdoors. We ate lunch outside, played frisbee and football, went for a bike ride, and visited a new park. So much fun!

Of course, Mommy brought along a camera.

Playing with the water table... we could not break him away from this for a LONG time!

And, our first bike ride of the season! What a difference a year makes... (reference picture in a minute). He actually fell asleep in there, and was resting the helmet on the bar. Then, when it was time to go in the house, he REFUSED to let us raise the bar. Too funny.

The new to us park was Duke Island Park in Bridgewater. I had heard of it because of the Stroller Strides group I got email from used to meet there, but I could never make it. Anyway, it was a really cool park! It has all kinds of picnic areas, a long walking trail along the Raritan River (we joked that we should tube from there to home), people were fishing in the river, and of course, a big playground. The playground was particularly cool because it had a little kids side (with smaller slides, bucket swings, etc) and a bigger kids side.