Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Family bed? HELL NO

I know that many families believe in the family bed, also known as cosleeping. We had our very first (and probably last) experience in it last night. A has slept in our bed before... it just hasn't been while we were sleeping or for more than 20 minutes. It's just not our style.

Last night, however, we spent the night at a friend's house after a wedding. A was at another person's house while we were at the wedding, and we had to wake him up to go home for the night. When we got home, we put him in the pack and play, and started getting ready for bed.

In the same room.

This, as you might imagine, did not go over so well with the boy who cries when his daddy leaves him to go to the bathroom.

So, M took A into bed with us for a snuggle. And then they fell asleep. Awww, so cute.

But M didn't sleep well at all because A wanted to snuggle and would cry if M wasn't holding him... and, he said that A doesn't stay still for more than 2 minutes at a time.

Luckily for us, our friends gave up their own bed (!!), which is a king. That, however, did not stop A from sleeping at times perpendicular to M and I. I got the foot end.

Add Flim and Flam's (that's A and Me) dueling coughing to the mix, and none of us slept so well.

A slept the entire 2ish hour ride home, and I fell asleep on the couch while M's aunt was over for a few minutes.