Sunday, July 22, 2007

Tried methods of eviction, and a story

So far:
1. Spicy food
2. Walking the mall

A story:

When we sat down at dinner last night, I went straight to the bathroom. M told me that a woman at the next table said (now, our tables were less than a foot apart!):

"When I was pregnant, we had to cover our bellies. These girls today just let their bellies hang out all over the place." (or something along those lines.)

A. I guess she didn't get the notice that I don't care.
B. It's not like I think I'm Rachel Greene or something... NOTHING FITS!!

WTF. I got really poed about it too. Of course he told me after they left, probably knowing that I have this problem of not having a filter on my mouth that has gotten 100x worse in the last few months of pregnancy.