Thursday, November 20, 2008

What's New?

Lots of things going on here, so what's new with our little chick (get it? Anyone?)...

Hugs continue often. We love it!
Kisses are given, mostly to Dada (A speak for Mama)... just like a little baby bird with his mouth wide open. Sloppy yet adorable.
Language grows despite no actual words. It's like he's having a whole conversation using a language we don't understand.
Understands commands incredibly well. Especially likes to nod yes to "Do you want a cookie?"
Does not like meat. At all. Even in different sauces. Very particular and stubborn about food... at home at least; not so much at school (although he won't eat meat for them either).
Prefers to hold a spoon while he eats, even if he doesn't use it to eat. Can feed himself using a spoon, but not very well.
Walking is getting better. If he is wearing socks only, he will take them off, because he slips too much with them!
Changing teachers at daycare... he apparently likes his new teacher a lot--I was worried about this when I heard the news. Attached to her as much as he was to his old teacher.
Very clearly has friends at daycare... when I dropped him off at school this morning, no crying when I told him to go play with a little boy who happens to be in his class. He walked right over to the boy and started playing with the toy he had.
Apparently, one of those friends is a girlfriend. He is especially nice to her, giving her toys all day long, according to the teacher! My boy the charmer!
Solidly in 18 month clothing. Still can wear 12 month shirts, but legs are too long for 12 month pants. Bought him a belt (!!), which is especially handy for jeans.
Prefers Daddy when upset. If Dada is holding him, he reaches for Daddy. Often inconsolable if Daddy leaves at bedtime.
Still LOVES his Mitten. Giggles lots when she walks by, and usually tries to pet her from his high chair.