Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The last day of being 1

Me: Whose birthday is it tomorrow?
A: A!
Me: And how old is A going to be tomorrow?
Me: Are you sure? How old is A going to be tomorrow?
Me: Boy, they say it goes fast, but this is ridiculous.


We've been super busy in the past week. A's birthday party was on Saturday, and we had a great turnout and a lot of fun. A played in the pool, hung out with the friends and family, and even blew out his birthday candles.

Aunt E stayed with us after the party, so we've been really busy since too! We went to Bepah's to see him, Aunt Stacey, and Aunt E. On Monday, we went to the boardwalk. There, A tried a soft shelled crab's leg, and seemed to like it. We put him on a few rides, including one that required him to go WITHOUT us. He LOOOOVED every ride, but we were so surprised that he did so well on the ride alone. He walked right over to it, let the woman strap him in, and had a blast. He kept saying "Bye Bye, Mommy, Bye, Bye Daddy," every time he passed us.

Yesterday, he went to the airport to drop off Aunt E. They only got to see a few planes, but A seemed to have a good time.

As far as vocabulary, A's is exploding. He likes to say Lawnmower and weed wacker, Where'd Daddy go?, air conditioner, among other things. He helped M install a ceiling fan, and so he points to "new fan," and says "I helped!"

Pictures from the past few days coming soon... I have to get around to uploading them and transferring them too.

Tomorrow, we celebrate Father's Day and take Daddy to a Mets game.