Thursday, August 13, 2009

My A...

I got this idea from Megan.

AKA: Boot, sweetpea, sweetness
Loves: DADDY.

Kitties. Livy (my parents' cocker spaniel). Choo choos. Animals of all kinds. The boat. Photobucket
Helping. Swimming. The ocean.

Favorite Foods: Lemons; if one of us gets iced tea or water with a lemon, he asks for it or maybe just grabs it, then eats it, rind and all.

Bananas. Ice cream. Berries (especially strawberries). Applesauce.

Favorite TV Show: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, although he won't turn down an offer to watch Elmo, Handy Manny, Special Agent Oso, or Yo Gabba Gabba.

Favorite place: Outside. A loves to be outside. He loves to help water the plants, and if Daddy is mowing the lawn, he wants to use his bubble mower. He has also really come around to the beach this year. After a few trips in the water with Daddy, he just LOVES to go swimming in the ocean.

Other info: A can be a really timid little boy, but other times, he loves to be adventurous. It's hard for me to explain, but he will NOT try things he doesn't WANT to try. For example, he loves to play in the water, but he HATES to get splashed. We went to the spraygrounds, and he had fun, but would cry (and as he got more tired, scream) when he got splashed--especially in the face.

A absolutely adores animals. Went went to the Popcorn Park Zoo last week, and he was so fascinated by everything there.
He is starting to get a little bit rough with Mitten, but knows he's SUPPOSED to use nice hands with her.

When he gets sleepy, he loves to cuddle with us. In fact, that's what he'll say, "Mommy, cuddle."

Favorite phrases these days include "My turn" (although, more often than not, we're not sure what it's his turn FOR), "Where'd Grampy go?", "Mitten sleeping," "I reach it," and calling Daddy by his first and last name.