Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bunny Ears

Somewhere along the way, my friend Susie suggested making it a tradition to put A in his bunny ears every year.

I couldn't find them this year, so no shots were taken.

Then, I found them... a few days after Easter, but the pictures came out very cute nonetheless. That second picture very much proves, though, that A is looking more and more like Daddy every day.

Your reference shots, by the way:



(MIA, since Picture People seem to have changed their hosting site all around... I know I have this around somewhere...)


--sme said...

That Susie friend of yours is one smart chic! (I was going to do this with CJ this year but couldn't find ears small enough. Maybe I'll do it with a different holiday!)

A is such a ham. He might be looking more like his daddy these days, but he's certainly not lacking mom's spunk!