Friday, May 21, 2010

One month stats

Today was E's first official visit to the pediatrician. It went really well! She's a tiny bit concerned that he still has his umbilical stump and said to give a call if it's still sticking around in a week.

His length has been...inconsistent, but hopefully now using the same standards and tools, things should be better.
He was 21" at birth.
He was 19.29" at 6 days.
He was 21.06" today.

Hmm. Makes me wonder about the weight issues we had in the hospital.

At 6 days, he weight 7.04lbs. Today, he weight 9.11lbs. YAY, he's bigger than A was at birth!

At 6 days, he was in the 10th percentile for height and weight. Today, he's in the 25th. His growth is perfectly on the curve.

No shots today; that comes next month....

Unfortunately for me, I was unable to schedule early August appointments for both boys, since E doesn't get a 3 month appointment but A does need a 3 year appointment. Hooray for multiple trips.


Anonymous said...

Horray for E. Glad he had a good drs. visit.sgr