Monday, February 14, 2011


On Wednesday night, I was doing the "put the boys to bed by myself" routine.  I took E into A's room, and E decided to start moving.  The next day, he really started moving all over the place.  Now, there's no stopping him; I had him on the floor while I went to the bathroom, and he started wiggle worming all the way down the hall.
I took video, but am having problems transferring videos from that camera to my computer, so it will come soon.
The point is, we have a army crawler!!

On the topic of milestones, A came home the other day and started drawing "the family," his first set of actual stick figures.  He very quickly went from drawing circular scribbles to drawing stick figures.  He has been very interested in coloring on this mask they made at school for Chinese New Year... the other day, I saw him drawing circles--real circles, not just scribbles in a circular pattern.