Wednesday, October 10, 2012

So long!

It has really been too long since I've posted!  Working has been crazy combined with the breakfast and lunch planning.

The boys are back to swimming class (well, starting in Es case).  A is doing well but is still hesitant but does well and says he's having fun.  Meanwhile, E LOVES it.  He is such a good listener on the way and gets so excited when he sees the gym.  He loves to jump in and is so willing to try in the pool.

A has transitioned to kindergarten easily and takes pleasure and pride in doing his homework.  His writing and drawing have gotten so much better in the past month.

E is also doing well in his new school.  He was having stone aggression issues a few weeks ago but had been doing better and is now getting good reports.

Things here have been busy and hectic but lots of fun!