Friday, December 7, 2012


I am so incredibly proud of A after meeting for a teacher conference last night!  He seems to be the perfect student, and his teacher remarked that he wishes he had a class full of A's.  He is proficiently reading "C" level books and is work on "D" level (the teacher said kindergarten starts at "A" level and 1st grade starts at "E" level) books.  His behavior is top notch; he is always happy to help the teacher or classmates, he is incredibly polite, and is always trying to challenge himself.

When I mentioned to the teacher that we have been hearing a lot of "I don't want to go to school," he seemed flabbergasted and said he's not seeing it at all--A is smiley from start to finish and embraces learning.  I'm hoping this is just an adjustment thing or that he picked it up from another kid and is using it in his morning tiredness.

He's excited about the Book It program, for which he has to read 16 books a month (piece-a-cake!) and draw a picture/write a sentence about one of the stories.  Here's one he drew for November; the sentence was written without any help and says "Boot and Shoe sleep in the same bed."

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