Thursday, April 26, 2007

Upcoming events

Today I should be taking my glucose test to determine if I have gestational diabetes. I'm not super concerned since there doesn't seem to be any family history, but I have been eating a bunch of not so great stuff...

After less than a week, the third trimester has already proved to be different than the second. I cannot watch any tv show that is longer than half an hour because I just fall asleep on the couch (and having a kitty purring behind my knees doesn't help that at all either!). I think I need a feedbag because I am on a constant "need to feed" basis. Luckily, we hit the farmer's market the other day so we have plenty of fruits and veggies for snacking.

And of course, the bell bell. Strangers move out of the way of this thing coming. In fact, they are thinking of giving my belly its own zip code. But seriously, people have commented that they often thought of Alien while pregnant, and I have finally hit that stage. Something just rolls across my belly every once in awhile and it's pretty strange to watch.