Friday, November 30, 2007

FOUR months!!

Wow, here we are at the four month mark.

What has A learned this month?

He has started teething. This has changed his sleep schedule a bit--he's no longer sleeping for a 6 hour stretch.

He is starting to pull himself up to sitting. When he sits in his bouncer, he kind of does a little sit up. He likes to pull on the monkey part of the bouncer and put it in his mouth.

He can get his big toe into his mouth.

He giggles often.

He (if he's in the mood) will giggle when you tickle his feet.

He gets upset if I am not looking at him and smiles when I do.

He prefers to sleep on his side.

He likes to suck on his index and middle fingers and prefers the left hand.

He can roll from stomach to back.

He likes his Jumperoo and his Exersaucer.

He's starting to blow raspberries, and loves to do them when he gets changed!

These days, he is waking for the day around 7am and napping around 8:45.