Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I love this age.

I remember saying at 4 months that I loved that age. Every day has been a joy, but 7 months is really fun. A can do all kinds of fun things--move around the room, entertain himself (usually with pens, cat toys, shoes, and remote controls), smile and giggle. We have so much fun!

If I were to predict A's first word, I would say it will be "cat." I think that he is starting to "get it" because he looks at the cat and says "Dat." Not sure about this, or how to recognize whether it's a sound or a word, but there it is.

Apparently, when M put A to bed last night, A said da da (which is his typical babble these days). M then said "YES! 'Da Da.' Now you just need to say 'Da Da, I love you!'" He then said "Da Da, Aye O Ooo," or something that sounded like he was mimicking. M was very happy about that.