Saturday, August 16, 2008

HA.. snort.. HA!

I found this fun little time waster at It Was Funny in my Head (I know the feeling). So, I uploaded a picture of myself, and it put me back, back, WAY back, in time to various "high school yearbook" photos.


1968 (I like this one)

The year of my birth:

The year of my own high school graduation (looks straight off of 90210!):

And, since I am after all, an equal opportunity embarrasser:

(looks kinda like the guy from Big Bang Theory, no?)


Anonymous said...

We want an 8 x 10 of M for the C wall!

CRS said...

Based on that comment, I just HAD to show M. He thinks it's very funny (har har) but actually thinks its funny that he'll get added in such a way to the Christina wall. :)

Erica said...


--sme said...

LMAO, is all I can say!!! (And yeah, our yearbook pics from senior year are a little scarier than I thought they would be 12 years later!)