Friday, August 8, 2008


For as much as this child loved his first taste of ice cream, he doesn't seem much interested in cow's milk. It has been a struggle. On Saturday, we gave him his sippy as we drove to the wedding, and he drank quite a bit of it--straight whole milk. Since then, he makes this face as if we're giving him skunk spray every time he tastes.

He does drink it if it's mixed with breast milk, but I discovered today that it has to be a 1:1 ratio or he won't take it.

I tried mixing with formula since our reserve of milk is extra low. No dice (and, I might add, in an attempt to show him how good it is that even Mommy drinks it, I discovered how really bad formula tastes).

I tried denying other liquids, which just made for a cranky kid who still wouldn't drink milk.

So, joy of joys, I'm back to the fun of pumping in order to get this kid to drink milk.

I'm wondering if the trick that got me to drink milk (ahem, Quik Bunny, anyone?) is appropriate here? Can't hurt, right???


Anonymous said...

You might want to try vanilla flavored Silk. It's a soy milk (which is really good and has a LONG shelf life). the vanilla makes it a bit sweeter than regular milk. M