Saturday, December 6, 2008


A has added some new words to his vocabulary. He now says:
Cookie (a favorite in our house)

He can point to his head, ear, eye, nose, and mouth. When I say "Gimme that foot!," he brings his foot up to my mouth for an eating and giggle fest.

He can walk pretty well now.

His room has a new teacher at daycare. I really liked his old teacher, and the new teacher has brought some concerns. The other day, she told me that his diaper rash was fine at the noon changing, but that he had developed a BLISTER by the 3pm changing. My poor baby was in so much pain, but luckily it only seemed to bother him when his diaper was off. I'm concerned because I thought he was supposed to be changed every two hours, but she was clearly changing him every three. So I left a note yesterday (there is only one teacher in the school when A is dropped off) to please change him at least every two hours and to make sure he was slathered with lots of butt cream. As of last night, it looked a lot better and the blister is starting to heal.

I also worry because A begs for the teacher's food, and she gives it to him. It seems as though she gets McDonald's every day, so he has had french fries the past few days. It isn't a big deal--he's had french fries with us before--but I really want him to eat as healthfully as possible for as long as possible; to get him eating the good stuff before he knows any better! I also don't want to be THAT PITA parent... a tough balance.

Finally, we took a holiday visit to Picture People and Santa the other day. The Santa picture didn't come out so hot, so we didn't get it... A didn't scream at all, but Daddy was in the picture and A just had a weird expression on his face. I'm currently debating whether to get photo cards made up or if I should just use the regular cards I already have and add in a small picture of A... At any rate, here are some of the shots from our PP session:


Erica said...

aw so cute!! i LOVE his outfit!! ok A can say Michael? LOL that's awesome! next time I see you guys I want to hear it. I bet it's the cutest sounding word ever. I can just imagine it. Cracker is another hard one. Landon can't say it right. It comes out cack-R which makes me laugh everytime.