Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Visit to Mom Mom's...

We made a hasty visit to Mom Mom's house yesterday, and something adorable happened.

Mom has a mantle full of family pictures. So I got one of Grammi's old school pictures and showed it to A. He walked around with it for a little bit then gave it a kiss. So then I got down Mommy's graduation photo, and he showed it to Daddy and then gave it a kiss. As an experiment, I took down a picture of my cousin with his wife and daughter and gave it to Alex. He smiled and pointed at the baby, but no kiss. How cute!

He warmed up very quickly to Mom Mom, who he has not seen since Thanksgiving. A good sign for Christmas!

He also seems to remember some things from her house (we were there about a month ago). He went into a drawer he was playing in the last time we were there and took out these cigar cases in which she keeps crochet hooks and started shaking them, just like he did last time.

We didn't bring A's chair along for the trip, so he sat on a chair on a phone book, just like Mommy used to at her great Grandmother's house!