Monday, March 2, 2009

The Great Nor'easter of 2009

We are snowed in. YAY for a snow day, especially in the long, no days off, that is March. When we got our calls (at 5am, sigh), there was about 2 inches. It stopped, and now it is snowing again. They are predicting 7-10" for our area. Another snow day tomorrow sounds really nice, although I guess it would screw up HSPA testing.

A got a nasty goose egg last night... I asked him to stand up in the bathtub so I could lift him up (he's getting so heavy, I can't do it the way I used to!), and somewhere along the way, he fell over, hitting his head on the soap dish. UGH. He went to bed with a huge goose egg and bruise, but seems to have nothing on his head this morning... how nice to heal so quickly!

Hopefully we will get a chance to go play in the snow today... despite having only gloves that fit 3T and no boots....