Saturday, March 28, 2009


When asked "what sound does a ________ make?" A inevitably answers "Moo." He has, however, started to roar when we ask this question; typically this is the sound he makes when he sees a doggie.

We were driving to Bepah's house last night, and after I accelerated, A started roaring, just like the car did.

He also makes a beep beep noise after hearing a truck back up.

Sometimes, he hears the growl of trucks on the busy road near our home and starts calling for the Choo Choo.


Anonymous said...

LOVE when they start doing the sounds that things make! When Jake was little and we asked him what a pig said, he would say oink but would also tap his forehead with the back of his hand, only for a pig he would do this. We never did figure out why the pig sound effect needed this along with it but we watched an old home video recently where he did it, too cute!