Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Funny guy

A few funny stories this week.

Up first, my 2 year old locked me out of the house yesterday. I was in the garage, putting my school stuff in the car. He came out with me, then went back in. Despite my saying, "Don't close the door, A," he did. I then heard him lock the deadbolt, which I didn't even think he could reach. Turns out he can. It also turns out the rest of the house was locked, and my keys were in the house. We also have no key to unlock that door. SOMEHOW, I got him to unlock the deadbolt, and wasn't even late to work.

Also yesterday, my son decided to wake when I was about halfway through my shower... and after Daddy had left for the day. He came into the bathroom, cried when I told him Daddy had left for work, and left the room. I called to him to come back in and play with his (bath) toys, to no avail. I quickly finished up my shower and went to find him... I discovered A on the stairs. With a banana in his hand. Apparently, coming back UP. He had gone downstairs, pulled his stool over to the banana spot, pulled a banana off the bunch, and then came back upstairs.

I had another funny story, but at this time can't remember it.