Sunday, November 1, 2009


It seems our son has discovered imaginative play. Today, he was reenacting the Cars movie, using his Hess truck (Mac) and red race car (Lightning McQueen). He even wanted to take "Mac" with us for our errands. He was playing with something this afternoon and said, "Bye bye, Thomas!"

Yesterday, we did not go trick or treating at all. Instead, we played in the rain and mud at the University of Delaware's homecoming game. The team lost. The band rocked. The alumni band was REALLY BIG!! A had a great time, and was the PERFECT CHILD ALL DAY (once we left the house, that is). He took about a 30 minute nap on the car ride home, and ultimately fell asleep during post game sometime. He was a little charmer, and did a great job yelling "Go Hens!" and "Blooooooooo Hens!" He had a great time pointing out that "they're running!" too.

In the parking lot after the game, the drum line came over to where we were and A got to see them drum. He was in awe, fascinated, and terrified, all at the same time.

A's first tailgate experience!

Having a blast in the drizzle and with the railing... more of these to follow.

The Band.

Some did not make it to postgame.

Running on a great big football field! (This is back to before the game)

Anticipation.... (Actually, I think he's talking with Aunt Jen here). Due to the way we were seated, A refused to allow our customary family photo.

A Puddle! Oh, boy!!


From the field; In my Life!

Another puddle, OH BOY!

No longer at all shy with Mr. Puddle.

Maybe I do, maybe I don't, need to say that my son was wet from the bottoms of his feet to at least his knees. He, of course, had not a care in the world and would have happily left his socks, shoes, and jeans on. We nonetheless stripped him down to his diaper and took him promptly to Kmart for some quick new clothes.

In all, a fun day at the game was had by all!