Friday, February 26, 2010

Tour and the ob...

We went for our hospital tour on Saturday, and it was wonderful. I really like the hospital; it's so much smaller than RWJ and has a much homier feel. In addition, one of my big concerns was the issue of NJ hospitals not allowing anyone under 18 due to H1N1... they never did that, so don't anticipate doing that this spring! YAY!

It looks like it's about 45 minutes from home, and we've found lots of alternate routes should the time come at rush hour.

Yesterday, we had to go back to the hospital for an appointment with an ob. Since a midwife will be delivering the baby, it is necessary to have a backup OB in case there are complications or if an emergency c section is required. I had to meet with their backup OB, and of course, scheduling made it so I had to see the doctor my midwives had advised me not to see. We had a little bit of difficulty finding the place we were supposed to go, and I was very happy when, upon landing in the maternity ward, a nurse actually walked us to where we needed to go. Already quite a different atmosphere than RWJ.

First, we had an ultrasound, which was A's very first time seeing his baby bro/sis. He was excited to see the "fireworks"--I guess on their screen, things were all lit up to show the tech various things. No face shot, though.

Then we met with Doctor Snooze, who not only gave us a history of c-section, VBAC, and malpractice, but also talked in the most monotone voice you've ever heard. He indicated that according to the ultrasound, baby is at about the 50th percentile, so SHOULD be smaller than A. That said, he has none of my old records and can't track growth from the previous ultrasounds. Whatever, Doctor Snooze. Anyway, somewhere in between my drooping eyes and M's "Oh My GOD," he told us that we're looking at potentially a 5% rupture possibility. Pretty damn good odds, as far as I'm concerned.

Today, we have all been home due to another 9" of snow. A helped M shovel, and returned telling me about seeing the mail truck and helping Daddy. Poor M, who was supposed to be on vacation this week, has severely had his plan for the week interrupted due to these two days of snow. But, we've had a great time together, and wahoo for a 4 day weekend!