Friday, February 5, 2010

The conversations of 2 year olds.

There is a little boy, one week older than A, who is at daycare before we are. A is always excited to see him (they've been in class together since A started), and greets him. This morning, M said, "Hi, A! Do you have boogers?" I kid you not. A's response? "No, no boogers."

Speaking of the ramblings of 2 year olds, we went to the 3rd birthday party of one of the kids in A's class--A is one of the youngest in the group. I was really uncomfortable with the idea, but this is a kid A talks about ALL. THE. TIME. so we went. I was so thrilled when we pulled up and I recognized several cars--it was an all daycare party! YAY! A had a ton of fun playing at J's house, and has pretty much not stopped talking about it.

Speaking of being uncomfortable.... my achin'...everything. Last night, I was laying on the couch and felt really uncomfortable. I moved my shirt and saw this enormous weird looking bulge on the right side. Everything seems to be on the right side!

Did I mention the last midwife appointment? A went with me again, and was much more easy going about being there. He played with her measuring tape the entire time. She told me the baby is already head down. She asked if I've been having Braxton Hicks contractions, and I said, no I don't think so. She then talked about how they are generally felt more by second timers than first. As she was examining the belly, she said, "Oh! There's a B-H now!" I said, "I thought that was just movement. Huh!" and ever since, it seems I have about 10 of them a day. As far as the belly goes, it's measuring about a week ahead of EDD, which corresponds with the due date based on cycle length, but she said these measurements are typically 1 or 2 weeks in either direction (so, what's the point, I wonder?) It was much nicer drinking orange juice at a regular appointment than drinking the nasty orange drink at a lab.

A continues to love going to Devils games with Daddy and Bepah. Sadly, fencing has come into conflict with our plans next week to go to a Flyers game. This makes me sad. It's a great bargaining technique, since he'll do pretty much anything to get to go to a Devil's game!