Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sick Boot

As I was getting ready to leave work yesterday, I got a phone call from daycare. This, I thought, is never a good sign. Sure enough, A had gotten sick. When I picked him up, he had thrown up 3 times since waking from his nap (so that was probably within 2 hours). As soon as I put him in the carseat, again... and then probably 3 or 4 more times when we got home. Luckily for us all, he went to sleep for the night with no problems.

He stayed home today with M. He's better, but still was sick one time and the diapers have apparently not been pleasant.

The good news is that he is in pretty good spirits after having that extra time to rest and relax. He's playing with his toys and acting pretty normal...except for his not really eating or drinking much of anything.

We haven't yet decided if he's going to stay home for another day or not...