Saturday, January 16, 2010

First midwife visit

I went to my first visit with the midwife on Thursday. Such a different experience from going to my traditional ob. Due to the distance of the appointment and M's having a fencing meet, I had to bring A along with me. Although the extra running around was a little stressful, we both had a great time together. He was able to check out the equipment, measure my tummy, and help find the baby's heartbeat. In addition, they had all kinds of neato toys he could play with during the appointment. Everything is looking great for both Mommy and Baby.

In 2 weeks, I have to go in for the glucose test, which is universally known as disgusting. This time around, it won't be so disgusting for me, since I can drink orange juice instead of the disgusting drink, and don't have to go to a lab center to do it either. YAY!

At this appointment, the midwives had my report from my c section, and it turns out I have a single layer closure, as opposed to a double layer. This raises my risks from 1% to 2%--double, but the midwife says still not a very high risk. She claims that I am a good candidate to try for VBAC, though, "because I am a woman," which is reassuring. This practice really tries to get those VBAC rates up.

A is starting to get used to the idea of a brother or sister, although I don't know how much he knows what that means. He has felt the baby moving in my tummy, and often gives my tummy kisses. It's very sweet, and I know he's going to be such a great helper and this baby will be lucky to have such a great big brother!!