Sunday, January 10, 2010

Belly Belly

25 weeks, 2010
Jan 9

25 weeks, 2007

Things aren't fitting already. I've had to retire a few pairs of work pants (in my defense, they don't have the stretchy belly; just an elastic waistband).

I also had a follow up ultrasound on Friday. This was to check the cyst in the brain. The ultrasound doctor (same who saw us at 20 weeks) was surprised I was in so soon, saying that these usually aren't resolved so fast and they usually wait until closer to 30 weeks. Nonetheless, everything is resolved and things look good.

Jan 8

Unfortunately, it looks like we won't be having a fetal EKG this time around. They have switched these from the maternal/fetal medicine department (where I had it with A and where I have my ultrasounds) to cardiology. Cardiology would ONLY schedule my appointment for 10:30. Very helpful.

As I uploaded that ultrasound picture, A pointed to it and said, "That's my baby brother or sister!"


Lauren said...

You look GREAT!! And I'm SO HAPPY that everything is resolved. And A is so cute!!