Sunday, January 17, 2010


I didn't realize there wasn't swimming last Sunday, due to the end of the session, so I took A as a payback on Friday after school. It was so much fun to just have fun in the pool. He was very happy just jumping in again and again. He was jumping in without holding my hands, which was a big step forward.

Today we went to swimming class for the first time in the new session. I spoke with the teacher about moving him to the next level, since I noticed a class for 3 year olds that DOESN'T involve the parents (which, of course, only meets while I am at work). She said since he still is pretty clingy to me in the pool, he probably isn't ready for it. That will be something that might just be perfect for him when I am on leave, though.

Today, he was still happy to jump into the pool, but he refused to do it if he wasn't holding onto my hands. Not sure what the difference was, but it was there.

Despite being probably the youngest kid in the class, he's the one who participates the most and sings all the songs. Maybe it's because he's been taking these classes and doing these songs for so long now, but the other kids don't really sing along at all and some of them were downright shy about doing some of the activities.