Friday, May 28, 2010

I wish I could bottle it up.

Jim Croce famously sang about wanting to put time in a bottle. While that would be nice (21 sounds like a good age to me! Err, but give me a little bit more wisdom, mkay?), I really wish I could put certain things in a bottle. Sure, we have wonderful technology that allows us to capture a smile or even a sound, but that never seems to be just right. I keep trying to capture E smiling, yet he doesn't look the SAME in a picture as he does in real life. And, when he's smiling at me, I can't get the camera in the right place to really get his sweet expression. I wish I could bottle the sound of him cooing. I wish I could capture the way A is with E. I wish I could get that perfect and adorable giggle that A makes. Of course, you just never have the camera ready when these things happen, and also, could you really enjoy them if you're busy getting just the right shot?