Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mommy needs a cocktail.

I remember when A was around 4 months, I felt like he did nothing but scream at me. All day.

Well, here we are. E is "around" 4 months. And I feel like he's doing nothing but screaming all day.

He usually takes a good, solid morning nap. Today? No morning nap. I finally ran to the store while A took HIS nap and got him to sleep. He slept for the ride there, while I shopped, woke up a little bit while in the non moving car, slept again for the ride home, then asleep.

We tried everything--boob, change, walking, more boob, burping, dancing, singing.

I finally got a little of my super sweet boy as we started the bedtime routine--while I got A dressed, I put E on A's bed. He looked at the fan spinning and just cooed. I read a book, and he just smiled and cooed. Figuring things were going well and that A was pretty neglected today, I told A to get another book. As he chose one, the fussing began again.

The good news is that it was fairly easy to get him down to sleep. I like it when it's fairly easy getting him to sleep. I hope that it's not one of those every 2 hours up nights, though.

This face, though, makes it worth it.

While we're talking about E, we baptized him on Sunday and it was a wonderful day! Both boys were so well behaved and we had a wonderful meal. It was so great to see everyone and to celebrate our little boy.

Plus, how awesome is it to have a picture like this?