Monday, August 9, 2010


A turned THREE last week. What an exciting day; G&G took the boys to see a baseball game and the fireworks. Unfortunately, the game ran into lots of extra innings, and they got home just as the fireworks started (we can hear them at our house).

The big excitement for A was his big party. He chose a Spiderman theme, so I tried to incorporate the theme as much as I could without going nuts and still appealing to the adults in the crowd. I am most proud of my Spiderman cupcakes. A had a great time seeing family and friends, and this weekend kept asking when he's going to have a Cars party.

The big news is that, despite all the cool presents he got for his birthday, he REALLY wanted the (free) Batman I had been promising him if he went #2 on the potty. The day after his party, he got it (despite having an accident that morning). He did it again the next day for another (free) Batman. I spoke with his doctor at his appointment who suggested a few things, both dietary and behavioral. It took a few more days and a few more accidents, but we had a big success yesterday.... but it also took a LOT of rewards.

Yesterday, his rewards included: getting to wear his pants again (hey, I don't like cleaning poopy underpants--it's much easier to clean a hardwood floor!), getting to watch tv again (the doctor's suggestion was that everything stops when it seems like he's getting ready to go. I think this is what REALLY caused the success since we were in the middle of his movie time), getting to pick a prize from "Mommy's bag of tricks"--he chose a Cars bouncey ball, and a jelly bean. At some point, he wanted to be left alone, so I did. Meanwhile, he unrolled the entire roll of TP, BUT this distracted him enough from the task at hand.