Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Four years old

A at four (!!!):

Can be the most affectionate kid I've ever met.  He can be incredibly clingy, stops everything to blow us kisses, and loves to cuddle. 
Continues to favor Daddy, though he also tends to get angrier with Daddy.  I'm more likely to get the cold shoulder for seemingly no reason.
The other day, he woke up after M had left.  He came into my room, asked where Daddy is, and told me that no, he couldn't be at the barn because Daddy's car was in the driveway!
Loves to read.  He now asks for his light to be left on at bedtime, and "sneaks" out of bed to read a book for a little while.  He's so proud of himself now that this little thing is now parent sanctioned.
Continues to love, play with, and protect his brother.  He's the first to let us know where there's a poopy diaper, when E has "taken a couple steps," and even picks E up to get him on the couch.
Loves Batman, Mickey Mouse, and Buzz Lightyear.
Grew two inches since January.
Plays the "Mommy, can I....," asking Daddy the same question when Mommy says no.
LOVES Roller coasters
Follows our conversations and asks questions (usually about small details), though he doesn't quite get what's going on.
Can have an actual, grown-up, conversation.
Loves his sports teams, but doesn't know why.
Everything is a competition--first to be down the stairs, "I won the milk race," etc.
Is incredibly independent; we can give him real responsibilities.  His favorites include feeding the cats and getting the mail.
Continues to be sort of timid.  Things scare him more than they do (some) other kids his age.  Water in the face is a big one, and at Disney, bugs and spiders freaked him out.
Recently, eating has been a problem.  On our trip to Disney, the food selections made it so that he ate pretty much nothing but mac and cheese, cheeseburgers, and... that's about it.  At dinner, he'll "try" the dinner we're all having and say he doesn't like it.  Huge power struggle. 
Can be really easy or really difficult to get into the pool for swimming class.
Adores Mitten, but runs hot and cold toward Catcher.
Loves to ask about when he was a baby.  I hear often, "When I was a baby *I* did/had that..." even if he didn't.

I just can't get enough of this kiddo.  He frustrates the hell out of me, makes me laugh, warms my heart, worries me, and is such a joy to know.