Sunday, August 21, 2011


Last week, we took the boys on a bike ride of about 4 miles at the (fairly flat) park.  This might have been the longest bike ride I've done in a really long time, and so I think it's partly to blame for the serious back spasms I had on Friday and Saturday.

So, I didn't do any training on Friday, because I also had a pending migraine.

Saturday, I went to the pool anyway, hoping it would be ok with the back pain, and it was.  In fact, despite a pretty long swim, the back pain was mostly gone when I was leaving the gym.  I ended up doing 9 laps (50yds each) of freestyle, one lap of butterfly, and one lap of breast stroke.  I did stop for a minute after 4 laps of freestyle, but still feel strong enough to do the 1/4 mile swim for the triathlon.

Today, I hit the treadmill.  Running, of course, is something I pretty much hate.  I'm slow, I have no endurance, and I feel RIDICULOUS doing it.  Plus, it's pretty boring.  But I kept at it for a whole mile (the tri is a 5k, aka: a lot more miles than 1), and ended up with a pretty slow but accomplished 15 minute mile.

I keep thinking of the feeling of accomplishment I'll have when I finish the triathlon, however I get across it.

I'm also worrying about doing the bike and the run in a swimsuit, particularly a wet one.  I can pretty much only run when "the girls" are pretty well strapped down, and my Speedo doesn't give anything close to that......


Lauren said...

Can you put a sports bra on under your bathing suit? Will that slow you down too much to be a benefit in the other legs of the race? And seriously, GO YOU for doing this!!!