Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I took E for his 2 year old pediatrician visit on May 3.  At that visit, he weighed 28.4lb (55th percentile), was 32.9 inches tall (12th percentile), and his head circumference was 19.3 inches (58%).  He is taller and lighter than A was at the same age, but has a bigger head.

Since turning two, he has matured immensely, particularly in the past week or two.  He can now climb down the stairs alone, and can climb up a few without hands (even on the big stairs). 

E had his first "Big Boy bed' experience this past weekend at Grammi and Grampy's; he slept in the trundle bed on the floor.  He did really well, though he did end up on the floor crying at one point in the night.  The boys chattered like teenagers at a sleepover, but eventually fell asleep and did really well.

He is a benevolent tyrant when it comes to his brother.  He is so very likely to share toys and give things to his brother when he asks, but he's also very likely to NOT share and to hit or bite A if he is playing with what E wants.  In general, though, they play so well together, it makes this only child simply amazed.

He also had his first alone at daycare experience yesterday, since A had kindergarten orientation (!!!!!!).  I was very afraid that when A left with me, he would not do well, but since we slept in a little bit and took our time getting out of the house, one of his favorite teachers was already there, and he went straight to her lap and had no problems.

He generally does not like to sit and listen to stories.  At bedtime, he plays on the floor or looks at a book while Daddy or Mommy reads to A up on the bed.  He does love to cuddle and he loves to watch tv and cuddle, but for some reason, the stories don't appeal to him, that is, unless it's bedtime, in the chair in his room, and one of his books.  Otherwise, he has no interest.

He's such a love!