Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Yesterday was special A and Mommy day.  I didn't tell him the special thing we were doing, but he figured it out (I think Daddy had mentioned it at one point).

We dropped off E and he helped me clean the bedrooms (I am so cut out for being a Stay at home Mom when the kids are at school!), and then off we went.  Unfortunately, the forecast called for rain so we drove instead of walking. 

He seemed sort of nervous, holding my hand well past the need for safety required, but he went to the kindergarten teacher who met him without any fuss.  Luckily, his buddy from daycare was in the same classroom so that probably made things easier for him. 

While he was in the classroom, he listened to a story, The Rainbow Fish, and did a coloring/gluing activity about it.   He also did another coloring activity.  This is all he told us about the day, but he also told his brother that he has to wait in line because "one of the things you have to do in kindergarten is wait in line."

As for us parents, we heard seven or eight times that there are lots of familiar faces/families in the crowd, that they love the students like their own children, and that only parent group (paying) members can chaperone field trips.  Maybe I need to figure out how to stop the eye rolling before sending in my membership paperwork....

We then went to get some pants (super exciting!) and out to a special lunch. 

I sure had a fun special day with my Big Boy!  I have no idea how it happened that he got to be so grown up, so tall, so sweet!!