Wednesday, November 13, 2013

End of summer fun

Here's a post I just found that never posted!  Oops.

This week, E filled his whole potty chart,  earning a special treat (a big one...I wss thinking Sesame Place).  M said he was taking us somewhere that was a surprise!
We ended up going on our first family trip to Hershey.
It was a fun filled, incredibly frustrating day.
We hit no traffic until a long line to get into the park.  We followed parking signs, bearing left because the signs said "RV Show" to the right.  First mistake.  This took us to Chocolate World, where we were told parking is closer but double the price (I guess this happens a lot since we were given directions from here to the real lot.)  We turned around and followed these directions.  Second mistake.  Because (maybe) of the RV Show, we hit more traffic; it took an hour in total from the first park traffic we hit.  We were now hungry and frustrated.
Hershey allows kids on way more thrilling rides than other places we've been (the boardwalk namely).  E could go on all the kiddie rides and some rides considered adult elsewhere:
A could even go on an upside down roller coaster, which he's been asking about all summer.  He refused, preferring the tradituonal kiddie rides (though he did gp on the runaway train style ride his brother went on).
For the first time, we did Parent Swap so we could go on a big coaster too.  It always seemed unfair to make the boys stand In a long line to not even do a ride, but the boys were great in the line and doing this turned my mood around a ton.
But the comedy of errors wasn't over.  We had to eat.  We (foolishly, in hindsight) left the park for dinner.  Red Robin looked packed so we went to a smaller restaurant in town.  I called ahead to ask about the wait and put our name on the list, which did absolutely nothing.  After waiting 50 minutes, we took our hungry boys for drive thru.
But, despite all this, we had a great family day at a new theme park!